Monday, December 28, 2015

Billings, MT: Something is Missing From This News Account

From 08/10/15 KTVQ:
A coroner's inquest jury on Wednesday determined a Billings teen acted in self-defense when he shot and killed his friend.

The Yellowstone County Attorney's Office called for the inquest, with was held held in Yellowstone County District Court.

According to police,17-year-old Seth Culver shot 15-year-old MacKeon Schulte when he and a friend threw pebbles at Culver's window on May 17.

The seven-person jury took about an hour to reach a verdict after hearing testimony throughout the day.

Lt. Bill Jones, Yellowstone County Coroner, read the verdict that was a justifiable homicide and not by criminal means.
 I am not going to question the inquest's verdict, but there must be more to this than throwing pebbles.

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