Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Domestic Violence Ends in Justifiable Homicide

From Nov. 12, 2015 KNBC:
Tingirides said the investigation was in its early stages, but it appeared that a dispute led one family member to shoot two others. Another family member also got a gun and opened fire on the original shooter.

Family members identified the two who died as Ponstella Everson and her son-in-law Michael Pineda. Relatives learned from police that investigators believe Pineda  was the initial aggressor, wounding his wife, Tonya, and killing his mother-in-law.  Ponstella Everson's son Ronald, Tonya's brother, also became involved.

"He defended her," said Donna Harris, who identified herself as a cousin of  Ponstella Everson.  It was Harris's understanding that Ronald Everson shot to death Pineda.

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