Monday, December 28, 2015

Milwaukee, WI

From 8/22/15 Fox channel 6:
Police say the incident began moments prior in the 1500 block of W. Scott Street. The victim, now identified as Gabriel Velazquez had an argument with two unknown people outside a tavern.

After the fight, Velazquez got into his car and attempted to run over the suspects, police say. That's when one of the male suspects shot at the car, striking Velazquez.

Police say Velazquez then drove to 16th and National Avenue, where he died from his injury after crashing his vehicle.
Suspects?  Even if they were behaving badly at the club, running them over is a criminal act.  Amazingly the mayor decided that this defensive use was an argument for gun control:
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is dismayed by all the violence.

"What we've seen is people lose their tempers. Sometimes alcohol is involved. Sometimes drugs are involved. Somebody feels they've been dissed and the guns come out. It's about controlling emotions," Mayor Barrett said.

Barrett urges members of the community to get more engaged and help get illegal guns away from their loved ones.

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