Friday, October 2, 2009

Texas: Man Shoots Burglar

Corpus Chrisi, Texas

From KIII of September 30, 2009
Man Shoots Burglar

A Corpus Christi man, who says he's been burglarized the last two nights, took the law into his own hands Wednesday morning when a suspected burglar came back for a the third night in a row.

It was around 2:30am when the Garza family heard what they thought was a burglar in their garage.

Henry Garza says, "I was waiting for him, last night about 2 o'clock in the morning he came in, busted my door, in the garage, and got in it again. He run that away and that's when I shot him."

66 year old Henry Garza, who lives near Port and Baldwin wasn't taking any chances. Sunday and Monday night, Garza says burglars got away with his tools, a couple of bicycles, a stereo, and other small items.

So, Tuesday night, Garza and his wife, Mary, were ready. Around 2:30 in the morning they heard noises coming from their garage and Mr. Garza grabbed his single barrel 410 caliber shotgun. Mrs. Garza armed herself with a two by four.

Garza says, "I hit him one time with the gun, like this, and he ran away. My wife was standing there, he him my wife, she had a 2x4, she hit him with a 2x4. That's what made me mad, he pushed my wife around, and that's when I shot him."

Garza thinks he shot the intruder in the back of the leg, but the suspect was able to get away.

Garza says, "I know I hit him, cause he fell."

Mrs. Garza, who was knocked down is going to be ok and as for Mr. Garza says, "I'll be waiting for him here. If he comes tonight, if he's not wounded."

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