Friday, October 16, 2009

North Carolina: 911 Calls Reveal Details Of Break-In Suspect Shot By Homeowner

Greensboro, North Carolina

From of October 14, 2009
911 Calls Reveal Details Of Break-In Suspect Shot By Homeowner

Greensboro police say an 80-year-old man is not facing charges after he shot and killed a break-in suspect early Wednesday morning.

Charles Haithcock called 911 immediately following the shooting of 19-year-old Michael L. Medley who he says broke into his home.

Haithcock: "A man broke in on me and pulled a gun. i shot him and he's laying out in the yard."

911 Operator: "Is he breathing?"

Haithcock: "I don't know. he broke in the window. He pulled the air conditioning out in the living room. And I heard something and he come back to the bedroom. I was in the bed. And I opened the door and he had pulled, what looked like a shotgun, he was pointing it at me."

Police responded to the home on Walnut Street Wednesday morning, which is near Summit Avenue.

When officers arrived, they found Medley, Jr. dead from a gunshot wound.

"The guy ran into the back room, locked his door and shot through the bedroom door and killed him," said Haithcock's neighbor, who did not want to be identified.

At this time, Haithcock is not facing criminal charges. However, police say the shooting incident remains under investigation.

WFMY News 2 has learned that Medley has a criminal record, which includes a conviction for Common Law Robbery.

The apartment where the 80-year-old lives is located near the Greensboro Police Department's Eastern Division precinct.

"The police department is sitting right here, and they still kicked in this door and stole a car from in front of the house," said Haithcock's neighbor. "I would think this was the safest place to be."

Stay with and WFMY News 2 for more updates.

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