Monday, October 12, 2009

Georgia: Bank Manager Pulls Gun on Armed Robber

Griffen, Georgia

From MyFoxAtlanta of October 8, 2009
Bank Manager Pulls Gun on Armed Robber

A former bank manager said Thursday that a life or death decision got him fired. The manager said he pulled a gun on a bank robber and fired shots at him, forcing the robber to flee. Police credited the manager's actions to the arrest of the suspect William Hunt.

Wesley Hallman said it was common knowledge that he carried a pistol. The former manger said he felt safer with the gun when he opened the bank.

Hallman said when he saw a would-be robber holding a gun in an employee's face, he challenged the man with his gun.

The robber turned, so Hallman said he fired a shot. The robber fired a shot, ran and then fired two more shots

Hallman said he was called into the bank the next day and fired. Hallman said there is a bank policy that employees can't carry weapons. The former branch manager said he knew violated company policy but he didn't violate the law.

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