Monday, October 19, 2009

Parole Violator Shot In Jefferson City

Jefferson City, Missouri

From the October 14, 2009 News-Tribune:
A parole absconder from St. Louis is believed to have shot another man in a Tuesday night robbery near downtown Jefferson City, then was shot by one of his victims who acted in self-defense.

Patrick Evans, 37, who was released from prison two weeks ago, was found hiding in a small room in an upstairs apartment at 611 E. Capitol Ave. just after 7 a.m. Wednesday, more than 8 hours after the shooting incident downstairs at the same address, according to police reports.

"Officers were ready to re-canvass the area as daylight broke when they found a new blood trail which led to the apartment," said Capt. Mike Smith of the Jefferson City Police Department. "A female resident, we believe, helped hide him."

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Cole County prosecutor charged Evans with first-degree robbery. The charges say Evans also is known as Patrick Harris.

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