Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Newport News Shopkeeper Shoots Robber

Newport News, Virginia

From October 6, 2009 WVEC channel 13:

NEWPORT NEWS – The red exterior is unassuming, rather plain, but for David White, the neighborhood store on Chestnut Avenue is the way the 62-year-old has supported his family for decades. When two people tried to rob him and a worker Friday night, White protected himself, the employee, and his business.

As one of the people pointed a shotgun at them, Newport News officers say Barry Hooker started to move behind the counter. White pulled a gun and shot Hooker, putting him in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital.


In February, White found himself in a similar situation. Police tell us a teenager with a gun entered the grocery store with the intention of robbing it. He got into a struggle with a customer or worker, and his gun fired, putting a bullet in the ceiling. White pulled out his own gun, and hit the 16-year-old in his backside.


Newport News police officers say Hooker had outstanding warrants for assault and battery at the time of the attempted robbery. Checking on-line court records, 13News found he also has a long criminal history.

Detectives are looking for the person with the shotgun who was with Hooker at the time of the incident. They say he was a dark-skinned black man, 160 pounds, 5’10” tall with a goatee.

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