Thursday, December 18, 2008

South Carolina: One dead, four charged in apparent robbery attempt

Newberry, South Carolina

From WISTV of December 15, 2008
One dead, four charged in apparent robbery attempt

The Newberry Police Department is investigating a shooting over the weekend that left a would-be robber dead.

According to Newberry Police Chief Jackie Swindler, the investigation started Saturday night when 35-year-old Willie Hiller was found dead in the driveway of a home on 1st Street.

At about that same time, a man went to the police station and told officers that he shot into a crowd of people as they attempted to rob his apartment at the Palmetto Point Apartments.

That apartment complex is near the location that Hiller's body was found.

The man who fired the shots told investigators a group of people tried to rob him at his apartment, and in self-defense, he fired into the group.

Police say it started around 9:30pm, when a 13-year-old came knocking.

They say the resident recognized the child and opened the door. Soon after that, police say 5 others rushed the apartment trying to get inside.

"The plan was for all of them to gain entry and get inside and rob the individuals of this house," Swindler said.

Investigators are still trying to work out the details but tell News 10 that the man who fired the shots will more than likely not be charged, as it appears he acted in self-defense.

Four people have been charged, including 18-year-old Jessica Sligh, with attempted armed robbery and attempted burglary.

"It's just sad that people make choices and consequences are grave. It's just a tragedy all the way around," Swindler said.

Apartment manager Lee Pannier cleaned up Monday morning. He said his tenant made the right call.

"First thing you think of is protect your family," Pannier said.

Pannier also said that his tenant is well-known to the community and is a good guy. As for the shooting, he said, "Nothing remotely like this has ever happened before."

Authorities say they are looking for another adult; six people were involved all together, they say.

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