Saturday, December 27, 2008

Columbia, South Carolina Liquor Store Robber Shot

Columbia, South Carolina

From December 15, 2008 WIS channel 10:

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Richland County Sheriff's Department is investigating a shooting on Shakespeare Road Wednesday in Columbia.

"I hope he don't die and if he comes back and look around, don't touch nothing else," says Sam Banks, talking candidly about the man he says tried to steal from his store. "I didn't go into business to lose money. We aren't making that much now, but I'm not about that losing."

The retired veteran wasn't at the store he co-owns with his wife Wednesday afternoon.

Deputies says around 3:00pm a man came in, tried to walk out with some liquor and got shot.

"I think they should respect the store owners property and their rights," says Banks.

Banks' wife, too shaken to talk on camera, said she was knitting a blanket when a young man walked into the S&H ABC Package Store on Shakespeare Road.

She says the man asked the price of a bottle of liquor. When she told him, he backed away from the counter and started to look around.

She says the man then crossed the employees-only chain, grabbed two bottles and headed toward her.

That's when she grabbed her .38 and fired two shots.

At least one person agrees with how she handled it.

"We have too many robbers in this neighborhood, all over the place. They're robbing for money, so the lady protected herself. She did the right thing," says Barbra Simmons.

The store has been around 10 years, and Banks says this is not the first time someone has tried to steal from him.

He has some advice for other would-be robbers: "The good book says thou shall not steal. Don't do that," he says.

Deputies say 28-year-old Oxvaria Ingram will be charged with strong-arm robbery.

As for the store owner, investigators haven't determined if she will face any charges.

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