Thursday, December 18, 2008

Arkansas: Malvern Man Holds Intruder At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

Malvern, Arkansas

From KTHV of December 17, 2008
Malvern Man Holds Intruder At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

A Malvern family gets an unexpected visitor in their home and the next to arrive is police.

It started out as a normal morning for the Newborns last Thursday, but as Lester Newborn was getting out of the shower he says his worst fears were realized as he heard his daughter scream "There's someone in the house!"

Lester Newborn adds, "I have no idea what she was planning on doing all I know is she came in my house."

Newborn says the intruder probably walked through the neighborhood looking for an open door or window and happened to find theirs. "I was messing with Christmas lights outside and I left a window unlocked and that's the window she came through."

His daughter Brittney Newborn adds, "She came in through my bedroom window and she took the screen off and she just came in. I heard her making noise in my room I was in another room I just came in to see what it was and she was just standing right there."

Brittney says as she screamed for her dad she left the room and he walked in with a .357 hand gun.

Newborn adds, "We're all blessed because evidentially she was on some kind of drugs or something because she didn't resist at all. The weapon is for protection in my home and I'm glad and thankful I didn't have to shot her."

Malvern Police tell us they do patrol more often during the holidays, but it is up to you to make sure your home is safe and secure and if you have a registered gun you have the right to protect yourself.

Detective Randy Neal with Malvern Police says, "You don't want to take anyone's life and chances are you never know what their intentions are he did the right thing he never pulled the trigger on her."

Detective Neal says they've had a string of robberies this holiday season. He continues, "Just keep everything locked that's a big deterrent usually when we get residential burglaries because it's not locked 90 percent of the time."

The Newborns say they learned their lesson and this Christmas will be especially meaningful.

Brittney says, "It will be different for me because it will make me extra thankful for my family and so thankful that this situation didn't turn out tragically."

Police say the intruder is 30-year-old Jennifer Draper. She's being charged with residential burglary and held on $5,000 bond.

Days earlier in Hot Spring County a homeowner held two intruders at gun point. Police say they had items in their car from previous burglaries.

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