Monday, December 1, 2008

Florida: Crook Caught After Losing Gun During Robbery

Tampa, Florida

From CBS4 of November 30, 2008
Crook Caught After Losing Gun During Robbery

An armed robbery suspect in Tampa learned a valuable lesson on his latest caper – hang onto your gun.

Armed with a pistol Jerome Haggins, 42, burst into a home Saturday evening and demanded the six men inside to lie on the ground, according to police. He then demanded they hand over their wallets and jewelry. Once he had the loot, Haggins reportedly told the men to take off their clothes; that's when he noticed one of the men was still wearing a bracelet.

The men told police Haggins put his gun on a table and then snatched the bracelet off the man's arm. While Haggins was taking the bracelet, police say another man grabbed the gun and turned the tables on Haggins. They then held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Haggins faces multiple charges, including armed robbery.

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