Friday, October 31, 2008

Texas: Sledge Hammer Wielding Man Shot in Northwest Side Bar

San Antonio, Texas

From WOAI of October 31, 2008
Sledge Hammer Wielding Man Shot in Northwest Side Bar

A scary guy with a sledge hammer sounds like a Halloween prop, but it was the real deal this morning for a northwest side bar employee, 1200 WOAI's Michael Main reports.

A maintenance man at the I Don't Know Yet lounge in the 100 block of Babcock stationed himself in a back room at the bar, following a series of bar break-ins in the area around Babcock and Hillcrest.

About four this morning, the maintenance man heard glass breaking and a smashing sound. He emerged to find a man pounding the juke box with a sledge hammer.

When the maintenance man told the intruder to stop, he instead turned toward the maintenance man with the sledge hammer.

The maintenance man responded by firing four shots, and at least two of them struck the intruder, who stumbled to a waiting car and sped off. About fifteen minutes later, a man was dumped in the parking lot oft he emergency room of Northeast Baptist Hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. The car that delivered him sped away. The guy was airlifted to BAMC with life threatening wounds.

Police say they don't expect to file charges against the maintenance man.

The suspect is a suspect in at last four similar bar burglaries in which cash was taken from jukeboxes, including one earlier this morning.

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