Friday, October 17, 2008

Oklahoma: Tulsa Homeowner Shoots Man Trying To Break Into House

Tulsa, Oklahoma

From Fox23 of October 17, 2008
Tulsa Homeowner Shoots Man Trying To Break Into House

A Tulsa homeowner shoots a man police say was causing all sorts of problems near 34th & Riverside.

Shortly before midnight, police were called to Riverside Drive because a man was seen screaming and shouting at cars driving by.

About 10 minutes later, police received another call from a homeowner about the man trying to break into his house.

The homeowner was on the phone with a 911 operator and told police he had a gun. He left the phone off the hook and the operator heard several shots fired.

The homeowner told police the man had to break into his home and was shouting threats at him.

That’s when he grabbed his gun and opened fire, hitting the man in the right leg.

"When officers arrived, they found him in the flower bed at the front of the house and he still had enough energy to fight and resist officers. It took a few officers to get him into custody, but he was eventually placed in handcuffs,” says Captain Richard Alexander.

The man was taken to St. John Medical center with non-life threatening injuries. Police say the man was still very drunk. The man could possibly face charges of first-degree burglary and maybe charges on the other houses that he tried to break into. Police say it also look like he tried to vandalize a car.

Police say because the homeowner was in fear for his life he could be protected under the “Make My Day” law against unlawful intrusion.

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