Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tennessee: Riverview Homeowner Holds Shotgun On Thief

Riverview, Tennessee

From the Chattanoogan of October 1, 2008
Riverview Homeowner Holds Shotgun On Thief

Police said a Riverview homeowner found a thief in his car in his carport and held him at bay with a shotgun.

Lewis Card of Edgewood Circle said he heard his driveway alarm going off. He said he grabbed his shotgun and hurried outside.

Mr. Card said he spotted a black male inside his vehicle.

He said he held the shotgun on the intruder and ordered him outside the car. Then he directed him to lie down.

The homeowner said the man told him he was just after some change. Then he patted his pocket, causing the change to jingle.

He asked Mr. Card not to call police, saying he "didn't want to go back to jail."

With the shotgun still trained on him, he handed over his Tennessee ID card. Mr. Card said it appeared to be his correct card.

The man ran off after asking again that police not be called.

Mr. Card turned over the man's ID card to officers.

A warrant was taken out charging Corey Cortez Abernathy with theft under $500.

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