Friday, October 3, 2008

Alabama: Man shot by his sister

Jackson County, Alabama

From MyFoxGulfCoast of October 1, 2008
Man shot by his sister

Sheriff's deputies got a call around lunchtime Tuesday that Cathy Slade was begging for help, frightened by a man who was breaking into her home. That man was her brother.

"Upon arrival, they found Thomas Kirkwood laying in the entryway of the kitchen," said Captain Mick Sears with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

Kirkwood had been shot in the stomach. Captain Mick Sears with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office said the entire ordeal was caught on tape in a 911 call.

"According to Miss Slade, while she was on the phone with us, he broke out a window in the garage and made entry into the home," said Sears.

Sears says she warned her brother to stay away. When he refused, Slade shot him with a 38-caliber handgun. So, why was Slade afraid of her own brother? Sears says the two had a history of domestic problems. He says their mother just passed away, and Slade is executor of the will which is something that's been a source of contention.

"I think he wanted to circumvent the will and unfortunately made illegal entry into the home at the time and got shot for his effort," said Sears.

Kirkwood is recovering at Singing River Hospital. So far, Sears believes the shooting was self-defense. But he says the investigation is far from over. "Facts may come out later that it was her only recourse or facts may come out that something else could have been done," said Sears.

Those are charges a grand jury will have to decide.

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