Monday, April 13, 2009

Virginia: Police: Man Shoots Intruder

Botetourt County, Virginia

From WSET of April 11, 2009
Police: Man Shoots Intruder

Police say a Botetourt County man shot and killed another man who broke into his home Friday night. It happened on Houston Mines Road in the Nace area of the county. Police say the intruder was able to get into the home and that's when the resident shot him. But first police say he secured family members in a locked bedroom. The Sheriff's Department is not releasing the resident's identity. But deputies say someone showed up at the home at around 10:40 Friday night yelling and threatening to break in. The resident called 911 and loaded his 12-gauge shotgun. We're told he only fired after the intruder used a patio chair to break-in through a glass sliding door. Joel Branscomb, Commonwealth's Attorney - "Those are circumstances that would make it a justifiable homicide. Now, we will review it and make sure that's what happened." Carrie May, Neighbor - "If you are breaking into my house, you are breaking the law. And on top of that, I don't know if you are going to threaten my life or not. So I should be able to defend myself." We spoke with a woman at the home off-camera. She was visibly shaken and told us she could not talk about what happened. Officials have some ideas about who the intruder was but are not releasing any information until they know for sure. At this point, they don't believe the men had any connection.

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