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*4000th Story*: Road Rage Incident Resolved With Handgun

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Clayton Cramer and David Burnett
Civilian Gun Defense

Kingsport, Tennessee

From the April 13, 2009 Kingsport (Tenn.) Times-News:

A Kingsport man used his concealed handgun to protect himself during an alleged road rage incident on Sunday.

According to Kingsport Police, the incident occurred about 1:58 a.m. on Harris Avenue.

Michael Salyer told police he was headed home when a yellow Ford Probe in front of him started weaving from left to right.

The driver, later identified as Jonathan Lee Adams, 28, 1630 Spruce St., stopped in the middle of the road, jumped out and started screaming at him, Salyer said.

When Adams tried to get in his car, Salyer said, that's when he pulled out his handgun and ordered him to stop.

Adams' passenger, later identified by police as his girlfriend Laura Kathleen Cain, 42, same address, then yelled at Adams, and he ran back toward the Probe and the pair drove off, Salyer said.

Police later found the Probe at the couple's home.

The pair initially denied having the car out, saying they'd been home since 7 p.m.

Adams eventually admitted being involved in an argument with Salyer on Harris Avenue.

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