Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nebraska: 80 Year Old Store Owner Takes Gun From Would Be Robber

Omaha, Nebraska

From Action3 News of April 16, 2009
80 Year Old Store Owner Takes Gun From Would Be Robber

Talk about turning the tables. A robber walked into Sugar Hill Package Liquor near 56th and Ames Wednesday morning, probably thinking Floyd Westbrook was an easy target.

He's an elderly man working in the store by himself at one in the morning. But the robber was wrong. He's the one who ran away... afraid.

Store owner Floyd Westbrook runs his own cash register from 10:00 am until close...
That's one in the morning. and a long shift for anyone.

Floyd is 80 years old.

At closing time Wednesday, Floyd wasn't tired for his one last customer. He recalls, "The guy comes in and says 'this is stick up, gimme your money'."

A man wearing a ski mask and black gloves pulled out a gun. He wanted Floyd's hard earned cash. Floyd wanted the gun out of the robber's hands. "He had that gun sticking out right on me when I handed him the ones, I grabbed the gun. He got too close to me, " Floyd says.

You don't want to mess with Floyd. First of all, he doesn't look 80. This man stands 6'4" and weighs 230 and his own weapon.. large, strong hands. Floyd says, "When I was a young man, I could break any man's hands. I was strong in my hand."

The fast, handy move surprised and scared the robber. Floyd says, "He run yelling, 'don't shoot! Don't shoot!' and flew out that door".

As for Floyd, who looked down the barrel of the gun, he says, "I'm not scared of no man, that's the main thing. He's just a man." Floyd says, "Well, I wouldn't say he messed with the wrong man. I got lucky. Let's say it like that (laughs)."

The robber still ran off with $19. Floyd got the gun off the streets and wasn't hurt. He says when police arrived, they checked the chamber, the gun was loaded.

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