Thursday, April 16, 2009

California: San Pedro man shoots pit bull that attacked cat

San Pedro, California

From the Daily Breeze of April 16, 2009
San Pedro man shoots pit bull that attacked cat

A San Pedro man shot and killed a pit bull that turned on him after attacking his neighbor's cat Wednesday, police said.

Hearing the cat's owner screaming for help, the man came out of his home around in the 400 block of Hanford Avenue around 2 p.m., said Los Angeles Police Sgt. Jeff Hamilton.

After hearing his neighbor screaming for help, the man retrieved a .44-caliber handgun from his home, he said.

As the man walked down his driveway toward the neighbor's house, the dog advanced and the man shot it, Hamilton said.

The pit bull, estimated to weigh at least 60 pounds, had apparently escaped from a neighboring yard, and then attacked the woman's cat, he said.

The woman tried to rescue the cat, first with a broom and then with a brick, Hamilton said.

"The dog is not releasing the cat, and was just tearing it up," Hamilton said. "She takes a brick, and hits it over the head. Eventually, she was able to retrieve the cat."

Badly injured, the cat was euthanized at a Rancho Palos Verdes veterinary hospital, Hamilton said.

The owner of the dog won't be cited because animal control officers didn't see the pit bull out of the yard or unleashed, Hamilton said.

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