Monday, February 4, 2008

Virginia: Rockbridge County man shoots gun wielding home intruder

Roanoke, Virginia

From WSLS of February 31, 2008
Rockbridge County man shoots gun wielding home intruder

A Rockbridge County man says he was forced to shoot a gun wielding home invader late Wednesday night.

Rockbridge County sheriff R.W. Day confirmed Alan Gould Jr. shot the intruder in the arm with a .44 caliber Magnum revolver.

Day said the case is still under investigation but preliminarily it appears Gould acted in self defense.

It all started around 10:30 PM when Day said Lane Bowling, of Augusta County, burst into Gould’s home holding an automatic handgun with a laser sight.

Gould said that laser was pointed at him.

“I open the bedroom door and he’s pointing a gun at me, threatening to kill me,” Gould recalled Thursday from his property on Granny Lane in the Rockbridge Baths community.

“He was really scary,” Gould said. “He looked like a monster to me.”

Gould said four other friends were with him inside the home.

They were celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday.

Day said Bowling thought his wife might be inside Gould’s home.

Gould said she had been there before “once or twice” and was a friend of a man in which he is renting a room.

Day and Gould said Bowling’s wife was not there when he busted down the front door with a gun.

“I don’t know why he went in the living room,” Gould said.

But at that moment, he thought it was his chance to disable Bowling and his gun.

“He stepped back in front of the doorway of my bedroom. As soon as I saw him I just shot him one time and he fell to the floor.”

Gould said one of his friends at the party then kicked Bowling’s gun away from him after he dropped it when he fell.

Gould said Bowling then got up and stumbled out his front door.

Rescuers called to the scene found Bowling in his truck.

Day said Bowling was shot through the arm and then the bullet clipped part of his ear.

Day said he was in stable condition at a local hospital as of late Thursday morning.

The twist to this story is Alan Gould is a convicted felon and is legally not allowed to have a gun in his home.

Police in Amherst County caught Gould with cocaine and a gun last April.

He was convicted in January and will be sentenced March 10th.

Gould said the drugs and gun weren’t his. He said he was hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Day said that part of the case was still under investigation as well and charges against Bowling are pending.

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