Sunday, February 17, 2008

Texas: Clerk, robbery suspect exchange gunfire

Longview, Texas

From the News-Journal of February 17, 2008
Clerk, robbery suspect exchange gunfire

A woman store clerk and a would-be robber exchanged gunfire late Saturday night but police report no one was injured.

The female clerk at EZ Food Mart, 1006 North Fourth St., told police she bent down behind the counter to get some cigarettes for a customer. When she stood up, a man was standing next to the customer pointing a handgun at her.

The woman told police she ducked behind the counter as the suspect fired. She grabbed a gun that was behind the counter and as the suspect was running out of the door, she fired one shot toward him but missed.

Neither the clerk nor the suspect were injured.

Police said the suspect was wearing a red bandanna over his face.

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