Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pennsylvania: Police Find Blood Trail From Store To Alleged Robber's Doorstep

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From NBC10 of February 4, 2008
Police Find Blood Trail From Store To Alleged Robber's Doorstep

It appears an armed robber picked the wrong store to hold up. Police said it's the robber who wound up getting shot.

Authorities were were crediting cooperative witnesses, some good police work and also the store owner with nabbing the suspected robber.

"He said to me, 'Give me all your money. Give me all your money,'" robbery witness Angel Dia said.

But Dia said the armed robber who stormed Antonia's Grocery Sunday night got one heck of a surprise.

"The other guy, the owner, he got a gun, too," Dia said.

Dia said he was standing in the front of the store and the store's owner was behind the bulletproof glass when police allege that 19-year-old Donte Turner pointed a gun at Dia.

"My friend, he says, 'Back, all the way back,' and then the guy shot him," Dia said, pointing to his shoulder. "Then, the guy -- the gun, it fell down. He left it there and he went running."

"He was shot in the arm, so he dropped the gun and just took off?" NBC 10's Deanna Durante asked.

"Yes," Dia replied.

If the story ended there, Turner might still be on the run, according to police. But they said they got to Turner before they knew about the robbery.

"A 19-year-old by the name of Donte Turner showed up at Episcopal Hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest. He gave responding officers that were called by hospital officials the story that he was robbed by a male on the highway and it was a dispute over money," said Philadelphia police Lt. Frank Vanore.

Police said they received a second call, this one from Antonia's Grocery, saying two robbers had targeted the store and owner Juan Rosario thought he'd shot one of them.

"There was a trail of blood and a hat found on the highway, and also a semiautomatic handgun. And the blood led down the street onto North 3rd Street," Vanore said.

Police said the blood trail lead them from the store to the doorstep of Turner's house.

"The individual showed up as a victim and lied to police," Vanore said.

Both Dia and Rosario were back at the grocery store Monday. Rosario speaks very little English and didn't want to talk on camera, but his friend said the two have no problem being back at work, even though police said they are still looking for Turner's alleged accomplice.

Asked if he was scared, Dia said, "Who me? No."

Police said Turner -- who was still in the hospital being treated Monday night for a gunshot wound -- has been charged with attempted robbery, aggravated assault and gun counts.

Investigators said that they are still looking into both sides of the case, meaning the store owner with the gun as well as the alleged robbery. Police stressed that deadly force should only be used in the most extreme of circumstances -- when there is no way out, NBC 10's Deanna Durante reported.

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