Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mississippi: Jackson Store Clerk Shoots Man Attempting Robbery

Jackson, Mississippi

From WJTV of February 8, 2008
Jackson Store Clerk Shoots Man Attempting Robbery

A man attempting to rob a Jackson store clerk gets more than he bargained for when the would-be victim decides to fight back.

James Nichols was closing up for the day when the incident happened at the All American Check Exchange on Suncrest Drive in south Jackson.

Nichols says an armed man wearing a hood confronted him as was about to get into his truck to head home around 6:30 Friday night.

But Nichols was prepared to protect himself.

"I pulled my gun and he started hollering no don't, and I tried to knock the gun away so that it wouldn't be pointed at me and I fired three times."

Nichols says the suspect then dropped his weapon and ran away. Witnesses tell police the man left in a gold Toyota sedan.

Now police are trying to determine if a man being treated for gunshot wounds at the University Medical Center is the same person that Nichols shot.

Investigators were unable to question him because he was listed in critical condition.

Nichols says he's not sure how many times he may have struck the assailant.

But Nichols says because crime is so common, he never goes anywhere unarmed.

"I hope it doesn't happen again but I will be prepared again if it does."

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