Tuesday, February 12, 2008

South Carolina: Allsbroom man disarms would-be robber

Allsbroom, South Carolina

From the Allsbroom man disarms would-be robber of February 12, 2008
Allsbroom man disarms would-be robber

Last Friday was an evening for break-ins in Loris, bringing victims to believe they might be related.

Bill Kaufmann, owner of The Sod Farm, was in bed like any other evening, when he heard a knock on his front door the evening of Jan. 25.

"They were waiting on us to shut our lights off," Kaufman said.

Thinking it was his foreman, Ronnie Thompson, Kaufmann opened the door, only to find a man holding a knife and threatening to kill him.

Kaufmann, who used to train police officers, managed to get the knife away from the suspect, and get to his shotgun that he kept in his bedroom.

"I could tell by the way he was holding the knife that he had never done this kind of thing before," Kaufmann said.

When the suspect saw the gun, he ran out of the house, just about the same time that three others suspects had broken a door down to get into the trailer Kaufmann uses for the Sod Farm's office.

"They had to know where we kept the petty cash, because they went right for that drawer, but we had happened to move it, so they didn't get cash, just deposit slips," Kaufmann said.

The burglary took place just across U.S. 701 from another burglary that happened earlier that morning on Barrett St., where safe and other items had been stolen. Two suspects were arrested following that break-in.

While there have been no reports that the two are related, one of the suspects that was arrested for the Barrett St. burglary, is listed as a possible suspect on the police report for The Sod Farm break-in.

Kaufmann believes that it was someone who worked for him previously because they knew exactly where the money was kept.

"They had to know where we kept the money, we have some idea of who it could be," Kaufmann said.

As for now, Kaufmann said that they have upgraded their security system at their home and office, and hope that it will keep them safe in the future.

"It was a wake up call to us, we though the deadbolts would be enough, and it wasn't," he said.

"It was quite an alarming experience," He said.

Kaufmann, who said that he could have shot the suspect, but didn't, said that people in the area need to know what is happening so they can protect themselves as well.

"People need to know that these kids are going around, busting in on people, the next person might shoot them," Kaufmann said.

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