Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Texas: Sugar Land Man Shoots Intruder

Sugar Land, Texas

From KIAH of July 1, 2009
Sugar Land Man Shoots Intruder

Residents are on alert tonight after a man tries to break into a Sugar Land home.

The man was shot after trying to break into an apartment on Long Reach Drive near Lexington in Sugar Land.

Going by his first name only, James, a computer technician, who works the graveyard shift was sleeping in his apartment when he was awaken by his barking dog around noon.

"That alarmed me so I picked up my gun just to have it with me in case someone was there," said James.

And there was; an unidentified intruder who apparently entered through a kitchen window.

"I opened my bedroom door and saw the guy," said James. "It looked like he was running towards me with a weapon like a screwdriver and I was scared."

The 33 year-old pulled the trigger striking the suspect in the upper body. James was dialing 911, when he says the suspect ran out through the front door.

"The suspect description that we have is a Hispanic male in his 20's," said Doug Adolf, a Sugar Land City Spokesperson. "We were told he might have fled in a silver-colored SUV."

The suspected get-away vehicle, which was stained with blood, was later discovered 10 miles away near a southwest Houston Long John Silver Restaurant.

Police say the suspect walked to a nearby clinic, and was eventually taken to Ben Taub hospital.

Surprisingly, James says he feels bad for the man.

"If he hears this, I hope he lives," said James. "I'm sorry that I had to shoot him. I was scared and he shouldn't be getting into people's apartment and trying to rob them."

"That makes me feel great that there is someone out there that will defend themselves and their community," said Courtney Huckaby, a neighbor.

Police say when the suspect took himself to a clinic he actually claimed a robber had shot him. It's unclear his exact condition at this time, and whether charges have been filed against him.

Sugar land PD says there has been an increase in apartment burglaries and a task force was created to combat the problem.

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