Thursday, July 9, 2009

Georgia: Homeowner Exchanges Gunfire With Would-Be Robber

Atlanta, Georgia

From WSBTV of July 9, 2009
Homeowner Exchanges Gunfire With Would-Be Robber

A quiet night in front of the television ended with a shoot-out in southwest Atlanta. A homeowner was in the hospital Thursday morning as police searched for the would-be robber.

Officials said a homeowner will recover after suffering a gunshot wound to the ear during a gun battle when someone tried to break into his home.

A shoot-out on Westmont Road between a homeowner and a would-be robber woke up several people in the neighborhood.

"I guess I would say about 15 to 20 rounds was exchanged," said neighbor Otis Holliman.

The homeowner told Channel 2 Action News her husband was in the living room watching television when he heard a noise outside the house. He grabbed his gun to check it out and that's when the gun battle erupted.

The husband was shot once in the right ear and was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Crime scene investigators found several bullet casings and a gun.

"The guy dropped the gun that was shooting at her husband," said Holliman.

The suspect got away.

Holliman said criminals have been targeting his neighbors since they moved in.

"I think the house has been broken into three or four different times here recently," said Holliman.

Doctors said the victim is in stable condition. The victim's wife said once her husband gets out of the hospital, they plan to move.

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