Sunday, July 12, 2009

Texas: Clerk Fights Back After Robbery

Houston, Texas

From KIAH of July 3, 2009
Clerk Fights Back After Robbery

Gunfire broke out Friday afternoon outside a Southwest Houston mini-mart. It happened when a store clerk went after two suspects who just finished robbing him.

Amir Borhani said it was a sense of déjà vu after two masked gunmen entered his family owned convenient store and robbed him.

"I've been in it before. They tried to rob my dad out here. I was in a gun battle before. I just didn't think it would happen again," said Borhani.

Borhani said the suspects took the money in the register and ran. He grabbed his own gun and went after them - fueled in part by pure rage.

"We're a little business and we try hard to make money I am hearing about people getting robbed around here and I'm tired of it," said Borhani.

He also said he shot at the suspects twice then ran after the suspect holding the money.

"I grabbed him, held his collar, put the gun to his head and said, don't move or I'm going to shot you. At that time he starts pleading please don't shoot me. I don't," said Borhani.

He got his money back, but the suspect wasn't going down so easily.

Borhani said, "He grabs my hand, knocks the gun out of my hand we both dive to the floor."

The two struggled for the gun, but Borhani managed to grab it and throw it out of reach. The suspect fought off Borhani and ran. He got away but ran into a minor roadblock.

"I was just driving down the street, and the guy just crossed. I couldn't break so I hit with my truck," said George Garcia.

Garcia was passing by when the suspect ran in front of his truck. Garcia tried to help but was shot at as the suspect limped away into the waiting get-a-way car with his accomplices.

The suspect may have gotten away, but one of them likely left a clue to their identity behind.

"I think we got enough evidence," said Sgt. James Welborn with the Houston Police Department.

Welborn said the suspect likely left a fingerprint when he bounced off Garcia's truck, "If they've ever been handled before with fingerprint evidence, and the descriptions we got I don't think we should have a problem."

Witnesses described the suspect's get-a-way vehicle as a dark blue sedan - possibly a Honda or Toyota.

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