Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Texas: Burglar Shot by Owner of Truck He Was Breaking Into

Odessa, Texas

From KOSA of June 25, 2009
Burglar Shot by Owner of Truck He Was Breaking Into

A burglar is in jail tonight after he was shot by the owner of the truck he was breaking into and apprehended by police.

It was the latest in a string of attempted car robberies at the Woodlands Apartment Complex where the shooting took place.

After a series of attempted car break-ins management here at the woodlands apartment complex told residents to contact police if anything else was going on. The other night one resident did just that but not before shooting and detaining a would-be burglar.

"Pow pow pow... just like that".

Tony Lynch ran out of his apartment only to find a bleeding man on the ground.

"This is a really nice neighborhood. This is a real nice complex and it was a shock to me", said Lynch.

Police say a resident fired two rounds at two would-be burglars... hitting one in the ankle.
Neighbors say it wasn't the first burglary.

"The managers have put notes on the doors saying that everybody should be aware that we've been having some problems with breaking into vehicles", said Lynch.

Vandalism hit this resident.

"Pretty upset. You have to go back and re-do everything and fix it up".

After the break-in and shooting one witness tells us the gunman said he didn't mean for it to go off. So was this an accidental shooting or did he take "don't mess with Texas" a little too seriously?

"They kind of deserve it for breaking into a car", said Ryan Dominey.

"Would you just let them break in? I would end up shooting them too" added Ryan Dodd.

Either way... it's legal under Texas Penal Code 9.42.

"It authorizes a person to use deadly force to protect land or tanagible, movable property during the night-time", says Cpl. Sherrie Carruth of the Odessa Police Dept.

It may be legal... but police say it's rare. And Tony Lynch... wouldn't pull the trigger.

"It aint worth it man... you can replace a car but you can't replace a life".

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