Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oklahoma: Intruder shot dead at southside Oklahoma City house

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

From the The Oklahoman of May 27, 2009
Intruder shot dead at southside Oklahoma City house

An Oklahoma City homeowner on Tuesday shot and killed an intruder he found inside his house during his lunch break, police said.

Scott Henson saw a blue pickup in his driveway at 2200 SW 57 when he made his daily trip home for lunch, said his wife, Delores Henson.

"Apparently, there was someone inside the house,” Delores Henson said. "So he (Scott) shot and killed him. ... I don’t know if he had to defend himself or what.”

Scott Henson pulled out a handgun and shot the intruder about 11:30 a.m., police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said. Knight and Delores Henson said they didn’t know if the intruder, whose identity was not released, had a weapon.

Delores Henson said her husband has a license to carry a concealed weapon. She was at work when Scott Henson called.

"He just called and said he had shot somebody, that was it,” she said.

A neighbor, Daryl Kindrick, said he has lived in the neighborhood 20 years and there have been a number of home burglaries over the years.

"I’ve been robbed twice,” Kindrick said. "It doesn’t surprise me. It’s a shame someone got hurt.”

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