Wednesday, June 10, 2009

California: No arrest expected in weekend shootout near Covelo

Covelo, California

From the Press-Democrat of June 8, 2009
No arrest expected in weekend shootout near Covelo

A man injured during a shootout near Covelo is not a homicide suspect as Mendocino sheriff’s detectives say he apparently was acting in self defense when he shot and killed another man.

“He didn’t draw first,” said Mendocino County sheriff’s Lt. Rusty Noe Monday.

Round Valley resident Jason McLean, 22, died in the gunfire exchange early Saturday during a party in the woods.

Andrew Card, 23, was shot once, according to sheriff’s officials.

The two apparently have a long-standing feud, involving Card stabbing McLean two years ago at a Labor Day rodeo. Card served time in county jail for the stabbing.

Early Saturday, as a party in the woods was winding down, McLean reportedly got a high-powered rifle from his car and fired at Card.

Card pulled out a handgun and began firing back. The two men, standing about five feet apart, fired several times at each other.

McLean was hit at least four times and died.

Card was flown to UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento for surgery. He was not at that hospital Sunday, said a hospital spokesman. Noe said he may have been transported closer to home.

Noe said Card’s status wasn’t known by detectives as the man wasn’t a suspect.

“It’s still under investigation but he was not arrested. We’re going to complete the investigation and submit if for the DA’s decision,” Noe said.

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