Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Illinois: Burglar Shot During Home Invasion

Hardin County, Illinois

From WSIL of June 10, 2009
Burglar Shot During Home Invasion

A home invasion late Tuesday night ended with an alleged burglar in the hospital, according to Hardin County Sheriff Tom Seiner.

The sheriff reported in a press release that the woman in the home shot the intruder.

The home on Tower Rock Road outside Elizabethtown belongs to Marty Impastato and her husband Bruce, who was not home.

Impastato's daughter tells News Three that the man entered the home through an unlocked window. Shawna Stevens says the man is a friend of the family who visits the home regularly. She says she's not sure why he broke in.

According to Stevens, Impastato grabbed her gun when she heard the man make his way across the house. Stevens reports that when the man entered the bedroom and rustled through the safe where the family keeps jewelry and prescription drugs, Impastato shot him.

Illinois statute makes it legal for the victim of a home invasion to shoot someone in their home if they believe they can prevent violence to themselves or others in the dwelling or they reasonably believe that force is necessary to prevent a felony.

The sheriff's department is not releasing the name of the alleged burglar. He is described only as a white male in his twenties. Wednesday night he was in the intensive care unit at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville, Indiana. He has not been charged.

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