Wednesday, June 10, 2009

North Carolina: Winston-Salem resident shoots intruder

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

From the News-Record of June 10, 2009
Winston-Salem resident shoots intruder

A resident shot and wounded one of four men who forced themselves into his apartment Tuesday night, police said.

About 10:18 p.m., Joseph Tyler Cox, of 5039 Winster Dr., Apt. 203, responded to a knock on the door, according to Winston-Salem police.

Four men dressed in dark clothes with their faces concealed forced themselves inside. One was armed with a knife.

Cox retrieved a handgun and began to fire at the suspects, police said.

Quenton Alphonzo Taylor, 18, of 5489 Country Side Drive, Apt. F, was struck by several rounds, according to police.

Cox also shot himself in the hand and was stabbed several times in the back.

The three other suspects fled on foot, leaving Taylor behind, police said.

Cox and Taylor were taken to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, where they were treated for their injuries.

Charges are pending for Taylor, police said.

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