Friday, March 7, 2008

Tennessee: Man Shoots, Wounds Home Intruder

Nashville, Tennessee

From WSMV of March 7, 2008
Man Shoots, Wounds Home Intruder

A husband took matters into his own hands when his wife and newborn child were held up during a home invasion.

The woman said she was able to grab her phone and call her husband after three men kicked in her door late Thursday. The home is located in Glencliff Court in south Nashville.

The husband said he rushed home after getting the call from his wife, but was stopped by police and accused of speeding on the way. After explaining to the officer what was happening at his home, the man continued home with the officer following.

The man said he parked in the back yard and saw the intruders come running out the back of his house with guns drawn, so he grabbed his gun, and the two sides exchanged shots.

“They fired shots at the citizen, and the citizen returned fire at the suspects. One of the suspects is struck and flees on foot,” said Metro police Capt. Randy Hickerson.

One intruder who was shot by the man was found later on a nearby street. The other two were able to evade capture, police said.

The woman, baby and man were not hurt. Police said the intruders did not take anything from the house.

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