Saturday, March 8, 2008

Olde Town, Georgia

From NBC Augusta of March 7, 2008
Homeowner Refused To Be Robbed

One Augusta homeowner refused to be robbed. And now he's talking about his encounter with a burglar. At least eight homes, in the Olde Town neighborhood have recently been broken into.

"He was in the house. Made it down the hallway into another room," said Tim Asmann, victim.

A surprise Asmann was not expecting at his Olde Town home Thursday afternoon. Asmann says someone knocked on his door several times, but when he didn't answer, the intruder broke into his house through a window in the back.

"I knew what he was there for. Trying to do something looking for something trying to steal something," said Asmann.

So, Asmann says he was ready and waiting.

"It was quick. Shoot or not shoot. I chose not to shoot. He didn't know that was coming at all. He thought the house was completely empty and he would walk through and get what he wanted," said Asmann.

But when the would-be burglar saw Asmann's gun he took off...empty handed. And he didn't get far.

"He pretty much cased out the residents. Unfortunately, he didn't do a good job because the owner was home which helped us make an arrest and end his career in Olde town quickly," said Lt. Tony Walden, Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Richmond County deputies arrested a 16-year-old boy. They say he is responsible for at least four break-ins in Olde Town since Valentine's Day.

Police reports show the teen stole Jewelry, laptops, cell phones, and guns. Investigators say he even used a credit card stolen from one of the homes to buy several hundred dollars worth of clothing and shoes online.

Because of this crime spree, there are now more deputies patrolling the neighborhood, including the crime suppression team.


Investigators also charged two others in connection with this crime spree. ... Two people are charged with felony and misdemeanor theft for receiving stolen property.

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