Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Georgia: Atlanta Man Stops Beating With Gun

Atlanta, Georgia

From the March 3, 2008 Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
By 7:30 Monday evening it was business as usual at the Family Store in northwestern Atlanta. The store smelled freshly clean. The owners had removed the blood from the floor.

Two hours earlier, according to witnesses, two men had come into the convenience store at 2535 Center St. and started beating a customer. The customer then produced a gun, said Manuel Fernandez, who was working the counter. Seconds later, a 26-year-old man lay dead on the floor.

"It was two on one," the 20-year-old Fernandez said. "One was holding him, and the other was beating him in the face. That's when he got his arm free and pulled out the gun and shot."

"I think it was over money."

Outside, 14-year-old Vincent Cameron, who had been playing basketball at the store hoop, was apparently struck by a ricochet bullet. Relieved relatives said Vincent, who was being treated at a hospital, was going to be OK.

"He got shot and somehow he pulled the bullet out himself," said his cousin Shekena Talley, who lives in Paulding County. "They are going to stitch him up. He should be home soon."

"He said when he pulled the bullet out, it was hot."

Fernandez said when the shooting started he ducked behind the counter and heard several shots. When he stood back up, he saw one of the men who had been doing the beating on the floor, dead. Both the shooter and the guy who was holding him fled, Fernandez said.


The violence — in a city with more than 120 killings last year — didn't even merit a press release from the Atlanta Police Department.

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