Saturday, March 29, 2008

Florida: Security Guard Fires Shots At Attempted Robber

Marion, Florida

From CBS4 of March 29, 2008
Security Guard Fires Shots At Attempted Robber

Shots ring out outside a Miramar Foot Locker when a security guard strikes a would-be robber.

Police said a Marion security guard was having lunch in front of the Foot Locker at 3194 South University Drive Friday afternoon, when he saw a man covering his face with a bandana and taking out a gun.

That's when the guard fired his gun striking the suspect four times, said police.

Investigators said the injured suspect fled in a wafting white Nissan, but was later found in Miami Gardens at 889 NW 214th Street. The suspect was transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Detectives are still looking for the Nissan driven and another passenger they believe was in the car.

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