Thursday, May 4, 2006

Miami, Florida

From Miami’s of May 4, 2006
Home Invasion Suspect Shot Dead By Neighbor

Second Suspect Captured
Third Suspect Remains On The Loose
Neighbor's Daughter Also Accidentally Hurt By Her Brother During The Commotion

A home invasion robbery has turned deadly for one of the bad guys, while a second suspect was captured and a third remains loose.

It all started around 10:45 p.m. Wednesday night the trio of armed home invaders knocked on the door of 15980 SW 76th Street in the community of Lago Mar. When the victim opened the door, the three armed men forced their way in with a gun to the victim’s head.

The victim’s girlfriend was in another room. When she realized what was going on, she quickly ran out of the back of the house with her cell phone and called police. Then she ran to her neighbor’s home for help.

That neighbor then grabbed a gun and ran next door to help. At some point however, he was confronted by the 3 armed suspects and there was an exchange of gunfire.

One suspect was hit and he died on the scene.

Another suspect was quickly captured by a MDPD K9 officer, but a third however, managed to elude police and is still at large.

Officers have also recovered at least one knife and several guns from the scene. It's evidence, police say, that was dropped by the suspects when they tried to getaway.

Tragically, when the neighbor ran out of his home with his gun, his son also ran out of the house to help while holding a butcher knife. The boy's 12 year old sister also ran out of the house and was accidentally cut by the brother holding the knife. She sliced an artery and was rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery.

Miami-Dade Homicide detectives are presently investigating this case.

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