Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dothan, Alabama

From the Dothan Eagle of May 18, 2006
Jewelry store owner fights back after robbery

Loot could be worth $500,000

They waved a gun in his face, emptied his safe and cleaned out his high-end jewelry cases.

He, in turn, unloaded his shotgun into the getaway van as it drove away.

"I was a nice guy and shot at the tire and hit the van," said Herbert Haar, owner of Interco Coin and Jewelry on Ross Clark Circle, which was robbed around noon Thursday. "But next time, I won’t be so nice."

The white van, which had been stolen from the Flowers Hospital parking lot, was found abandoned a short time later on Stadium Street with its back tire flat.

But the three men involved in the robbery have not been caught and the possibly half million dollars worth of jewelry remains in their possession. They also took off with an undisclosed amount of cash and collector’s coins.

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