Monday, May 29, 2006

Memphis, Tennessee

From Memphis’ of May 29, 2006
Store Owner Shoots Robber

A South Memphis business owner fights back against armed robbers. Memphis police say Adam Obsiye shot one of three men trying to rob his store Sunday. It happened just before midnight. It was the second attack by robbers on "Lauderdale Market" on South Lauderdale Street in as many days. Police say two armed men held up the store clerk on Saturday afternoon. They took six hundred dollars in cash and packs of cigarettes.

Adam Obsiye South Memphis convenience store and his native Somalia would seem to have little in common. But his friends say they do. Ali Mohammed says, "It's the same over here and over there. Same. People over there killing people. People over here killing people. It's the same thing. Ain't nothing different. Ain't no peace."

Memphis Police say as Obsiye was closing up shop Sunday night, two armed men stormed into his store. A third man waited outside. When they two robbers inside demanded money from Obsiye, the store owner grabbed his pistol and started shooting. He hit one in the thigh as they ran out of his store. Mohammed says Obsiye was frightened by the robbers. He says, "He was scared. He didn't know what to do."


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