Tuesday, May 30, 2006

McCall, Idaho

From Boise’s KTVB.com of May 30, 2006
Shooting leaves one dead in McCall

A Valley County man is dead, and the man who pulled the trigger says he did it in self-defense.

The 26-year old shooter admitted to police that he killed the man, but he says he did it for his own protection.

Because he has not been charged with a crime--police are not releasing his name.

The deceased is 23-year old James Prescott. Police say he was shot at least twice – once each in the chest and stomach.

He died Monday morning at McCall Memorial Hospital. The victim's two brothers 21-year old Patrick Prescott and 24-year old William Prescott were taken into custody on aggravated battery charges.

McCall police chief Jerry Summers says it happened just after 4:30am Memorial Day at a home on Lakeside Avenue – near Lardo’s Restaurant.

According to police 11 people were at a party in the home when a fight broke out.

Police say a number of metal weapons were used in the fight.

The shooter tells police the Prescott brothers attacked him with the weapons, and that's when he shot James Prescott in self-defense.

"The shooter is a 26-year old adult male whose name is being held at this time,” Chief Jerry Summers with the McCall Police Department said. “No charges have been filed and the circumstances surrounding the shooting are under investigation. the charges on the admitted shooter will be determined after an autopsy was performed."

An autopsy will be performed on the body within the next few days.

Chief Summers says the two Prescott brothers are in custody now and will be arraigned tomorrow.

As for the man who admitted to pulling the trigger - he was released from custody, pending further investigation.
From Boise’s KTVB.com of May 30, 2006
New details in McCall shooting

We now have a better picture of what led to a fatal shooting in McCall Monday morning. Prosecutors painted of three young men out for revenge.

The end result - their own brother was killed - and they are now behind bars.

24-year-old William Prescott and his brother 21-year-old Patrick Prescott are charged with three counts of aggravated battery.

Prosecutors say it's for their role in what resulted in the shooting death of their own brother - 23-year-old James Prescott.

The prosecutor says two brothers came to this home on and got into a fight.

“You can see William has bruises, he was attacked by 15 people,” Sam Hoagland, Defense Attorney said.

The two brothers left - and according to the prosecutor - returned with their brother and returned with weapons.

One came back with a hammer - another with rebar - the third the equivalent of brass knuckles - and all three wearing mouth guards.

Prosecutors say - a clear sign they were ready and willing to get into a fight.

‘When you come equipped with mouthpieces and things like that, you're coming equipped for a brawl,” Matt Williams, Valley Co. Prosecutor “It's not just I'm gonna punch you and get you back. and some of that clearly was motivation revenge motivation for the fight previously and the fact that they were outnumbered and they were coming back for revenge on that.”

Police say the man that killed Preston says he acted in self-defense, and no charges will be filed.

Prosecutors asked for $25,000 bail - but the judge reduced the amount for each to $100,000.

Recognizing they are both grieving the loss of their brother - but also calling them a danger to the community.

The Prescott’s will have their preliminary hearing in June - meanwhile the family is making funeral arrangements for James Prescott.

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