Thursday, April 27, 2006

Warrington, Pennsylvania

From of April 27, 2006
Jury acquits pilot in gun-pointing incident

A Bucks County jury this week found a West Chester airline pilot not guilty of all charges stemming from an alleged gun-pointing incident that began with a fight over a parking spot.

Paul Daniels, 41, was acquitted of possessing an instrument of crime, simple assault, terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person.

Police had charged Daniels after another customer at the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream store in Warrington accused him of threatening him with a gun. According to a police report, James Lamp, 40, of Horsham, said Daniels pointed a loaded 9mm Glock at his chest and said, “Leave or I'll shoot you.”

Lamp's girlfriend called 911 and the police arrived within minutes. Daniels put down the gun and was arrested.

His attorney, Michael Parlow, argued that Daniels wielded the gun in self-defense. Parlow said his client was simply protecting his family and had a permit to carry the weapon.

“There are times when persons who are licensed to carry a handgun are permitted to use their weapons. This was one of those times,” Parlow said. “My client is relieved to be cleared of all charges.”

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