Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Indianapolis, Indiana

From Indianapolis’ of April 19, 2006
Man Found Dead Outside Speedway Apartment Complex

One man is dead after being found outside a Speedway apartment complex. Police are interviewing witnesses, trying to figure out what happened just before 5:00 Wednesday morning.

According to police, the victim came into the West Wind Terrace apartment complex near 465 and Crawfordsville early in the morning wearing a ski mask and carrying a shotgun. Officials report the victim was then shot by a man he approached.

No arrests have been made, and the shooting suspect is cooperating with police.

From the Indianapolis Star of April 19, 2006
Speedway man kills armed suspect

Speedway police say an apartment tenant was apparently defending himself this morning when he killed a masked man armed with a shotgun.

The victim was found at the bottom of a stairwell at the West Wind Terrace Apartments, near I-465 and Crawfordsville Road.Jones said it appears the tenant was acting in self-defense.

Police have not identified the dead man.

Relatives said the tenant is DeAngelo Morrison, 21, an aspiring rap artist.

Morrison lives with his mother, Claudia Jones, 40, who heard the disturbance outside their apartment unit.

She heard the gunman say “Hey, I want to holler at you’re a minute,” Jones said.

After the shooting, her son rushed inside saying, “Momma they are trying to rob me,” Jones said.

Morrison is a rapper, who goes by D Shock, and recently signed with Fat Man Records, said cousin Don Mallory.

Morrison carries a gun because “it’s hard out here,” Mallory said.

Police have not disclosed what the masked man was after.

Police were questioning the Morrison and several other people.
From the Indianapolis Star of April 20, 2006
Shooting called self-defense

Masked gunman killed outside Speedway apartment

DeAngelo Morrison felt lucky to be alive Wednesday, hours after he shot and killed a masked man armed with a shotgun who was chasing him into his Speedway apartment.

"He had a big gun," Morrison said. "We locked eyes. Honestly, I'm thinking this dude is coming to kill me.

"It was the craziest 30 to 45 seconds of my life.

"Speedway police say Morrison, 21, was acting in self-defense when he fired his handgun at the two men rushing up the stairs at the West Wind Terrace Apartments, near I-465 and Crawfordsville Road.

The bullet struck DeShawn Givens, 21, in the chest and police said he died at the bottom of the stairwell. Givens and another man were planning to commit a robbery, police said. Givens was wearing a black mask and police found a shotgun near his body.

Givens' reported accomplice, Andre Washington, 19, faces initial charges of felony murder and attempted robbery. He is being held in the Marion County Jail.

Marion County prosecutors still are investigating the case and declined comment, but experts say Morrison may have been justified in his actions."

At the end of the day, the law says if you have no other out and it appears you are about to get killed or seriously harmed, you don't have to send out a survey," said Scott Newman, the former Marion County prosecutor. "You can pull out a gun and defend yourself."

Just last month, Indiana became the third state to make clear that people have the right to use deadly force when threatened without first trying to back away. Indiana did not previously require residents to retreat before using a gun or other deadly weapon, but the new law clarified that point.

The reported robbers have lengthy criminal records, police said, while Morrison has a clean record and a permit to carry a gun.

"All the evidence is basically lining up with what (Morrison) says," Assistant Police Chief Joel Rush said.

Morrison, an aspiring rapper who goes by the name D-Shock, said he had spent the night in a recording studio and was returning home just before 5 a.m.

He reached the third floor and put the key in the lock when he heard the building's front door swing open and heavy footsteps climb the stairs.

Morrison said he looked over the banister and made eye contact with the masked gunman running up.

"Let me holler at you, cuz," the gunman said.

Morrison was terrified.

"In the neighborhood, you say that to somebody speaking to them, but not when you got this big gun in your hand," he said. "I was shootin' to protect myself. I don't wish death on nobody. The pain his mama is going through; I don't wish that on nobody.

"Morrison pulled his Glock pistol and shot the masked man as he rounded the stairs. He heard somebody grunt.Givens, the gunshot victim, lived just across the parking lot in the same apartment complex. He was on probation for drug possession, police said, and had other arrests for drug possession, driving with a suspended license and public intoxication.

Washington's criminal history includes arrests for sexual battery, auto theft, criminal recklessness, battery with a deadly weapon and dealing cocaine.

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