Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Saucier, Mississippi

From Biloxi’s Sun-Herald of April 19, 2006
Elderly man shoots burglar

Suspect found with 2 bullets in his back

Deputies arrested a suspected burglar Monday after an 85-year-old Saucier man reported he had shot a man who broke into his home.

Harrison County sheriff's investigators said the resident knew Wayne Thomas Clark and identified him as the burglar. Deputies went to Clark's home on Mack Pete Road and found him asleep with two gunshot wounds to his back, said Sheriff's Capt. Ron Pullen.

The break-in and shooting occurred Saturday but wasn't reported until Sunday. Clark was shot with a small-caliber handgun, said Pullen.

Clark, 42, was taken to a hospital for medical treatment and was held without bond at the Harrison County jail. A judge declined to set bond on the burglary charge. At the time of his arrest, Clark was out of jail on bond for a pending stolen property charge.

The resident, who lives in the 25400 block of Mississippi 53, told investigators the burglar assaulted him, said Pullen.

The charge against Clark and the shooting will be presented to a grand jury. The elderly man was not arrested, but the incident will be presented as a matter of concern "to be sure he acted within the law," said Charlie Wood, an assistant district attorney.

"Fortunately, we don't have many instances of people shooting intruders in their home," Wood said.

State law allows residents to defend themselves in their homes. An amended law effective in July adds protection for those using deadly force in self-defense and extends self-defense rights to people's vehicles and businesses.

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