Friday, April 21, 2006

Fort Washington, Maryland

From Washington’s of April 21, 2006
Police Tell More About Fort Washington Killings

Son Allegedly Used Shotgun to Kill Robber

Prince George's County police have released new details about how a double homicide unfolded at the home of a pizza restaurateur in Fort Washington, Md.

Patricia Caniglia, 59, was shot at least once in the head with a .40 caliber handgun, News4 reported. Her son, Antonio Caniglia, was armed with a shotgun, which he fired, killing the gunman.

Police spokesman Lt. Terence Sheppard told News4, "The son was actually in the residence at the time. He called 911 to advise police as to what was going on. The suspect then came downstairs where he was confronted by the son."

Antonio Caniglia was taken to a police station where he was questioned by authorities. He voluntarily gave a statement in the presence of an attorney and after that statement, News4 reported he was released.

All police have released about the alleged robbery suspect is that he was an African-American male. And so far, police have not revealed how the man got to the Fort Washington address. Investigators said so far, no conclusive evidence has been found to prove that a break-in occurred.

Police said cell phone records of everyone connected to the case is being examined to try and establish connections between people and places.

Meanwhile, a wreath, flowers and words of condolence have been left at Mamma Mia's Pizza restaurant in Waldorf, Md., which Patricia Caniglia co-owned with her husband Roscoe. He's said to be receiving a lot of support from the many fans and friends he's made over the 26 years the restaurant has been in Waldorf.

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