Friday, February 27, 2009

Colorado: Pellet Gun Scares Would-Be Robber, Suspect at Large

Woodland Park, Colorado

From KRDO of February 26, 2009
Pellet Gun Scares Would-Be Robber, Suspect at Large

A suspect armed with a revolver ran away after a Woodland Park store clerk pulled out a pellet gun and told him to leave Thursday. He is considered armed and dangerous by police.

The robbery happened at the 99 Auto Detail on 219 South West Street in Woodland Park just before noon. Police say the suspect walked into the business showed a small revolver and demanded all the money. The owner Glenn Kothe went to the area where the money is kept and picked up a pellet gun pointed it at the suspect and told him to leave. The suspect ran from the business. Nothing was taken, no one was hurt.

The suspect is described by police as a white male, early 20's, approximately 6 foot, 175 pounds, short brown hair, GI haircut. The suspect was last seen wearing blue jeans and a long sleeve crew neck shirt which was darker than the jeans.

The students in Woodland Park Schools were not released for lunch off campus due to the active search for the suspect. The Woodland Park Police Department and the Teller County Sheriffs conducted systematic patrols of all of Woodland Park and the surrounding area but were unable to locate the suspect.

Point of contact is Detective Sergeant Tom Kinney at the Woodland Park Police Department, 719 687-9262.

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