Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bullets Work When Restraining Order Doesn't in Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana

From January 26, 2009 WHTR-TV:
Indianapolis - A restraining order didn't keep a woman's ex-boyfriend from breaking into her home this morning, where she shot him.

Wounded and in handcuffs, 32-year-old Jeffery Seats was taken first to Wishard Hospital, then to jail.

"She's got a right to protect herself and her children and he forced his way in there, so she shot him," said IMPD Lt. Jeff Duhammel.

Around 11:30 Sunday morning, police say Seats kicked in his ex-girlfriend's door at the Cold Springs Manor apartment complex. He grabbed her and hit her with a chair, all in the presence of their two young children.

"She gets away from him, goes upstairs, grabs a gun and then, either he was pursuing her upstairs but she fired a shot, just graze wounds on his head. That's when he takes off," Lt. Duhammel said.

Police found Seats' pick-up truck at an apartment complex at 59th and Georgetown Road. They found Seats upstairs in one of the apartments at a friend's home.

"They observe the truck here, they see blood inside the truck, he comes to the door and he is wounded to the head," Lt. Duhammel said.

Police say the couple has a history of domestic violence and that the woman had a restraining order against Seats.

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