Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pennsylvania: Barbershop Owner Shoots Attempted Armed Robber

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From MyFoxPhilly of November 13, 2008
Barbershop Owner Shoots Attempted Armed Robber

A barbershop owner fought back against a would-be armed robber in the city's West Oak Lane section.

It happened at 'Cross Cutz', on the 7400 block of Briar Road, around 6:07p.m. Thursday.

Police told Fox 29 News that a man in his early 20s stormed the barbershop with a 9mm gun and demanded cash.

The male shop owner forked over everything he had but he and the suspect still got into an altercation, police said.

Minutes later, the shop owner pulled out his own gun and shot the alleged robber in the head. The suspect collapsed right at the door. Police said all of this took place with a 9-year-old boy playing video games in a back room of the business.

"The owner has a 9-year-old son who was in a back room playing video games, in a room right-next-door to where the robbery occurred at the time of the robbery and shooting. However, the 9-year-old boy did not see the actual robbery or shooting," said Chief Investigator Scott Small of Philadelphia Police.

As police tried to shelter the boy from the scene, medics rushed the wounded suspect to Albert Einstein Hospital where he is in critical condition.

Both weapons were recovered at the scene.

Police are investigating all of the circumstances behind the shooting.

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