Thursday, November 13, 2008

Georiga: Would-be Robber Shot by Gainesville Store Clerk

Gainesville, Georgia

From First Coast News of November 10, 2008
Would-be Robber Shot by Gainesville Store Clerk

A would-be robber was shot by a Gainesville store clerk when he tried to rob a convenience store Sunday night.

The man walked into a West University Avenue business, armed and looking for quick cash.

Instead, he was shot once in the torso and ran from the store.

According to a report, he fired shots at the business as he left. The clerk was not injured during the robbery.

This was the second time the store had been robbed. The first time was on Saturday. Police do not know if that case was linked to Sunday evening's attempted robbery.

The would-be robber went into the store and walked up to the clerk, who was apparently talking on the phone.

That's when the man demanded cash.

The clerk asked him to repeat what he had said. He again demanded cash and this time fired a round from his gun inside the store.

The clerk pulled a gun from under the counter and shot him in the chest.

The Gainesville Police Department spent much of Sunday afternoon searching for the would-be robber.

The man was described as white, in his early to mid 20's with short hair that may have been blonde.

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