Sunday, November 16, 2008

California: Man in critical condition after weekend domestic violence attack

Stockton, California

From the Stockton Record of November 10, 2008
Man in critical condition after weekend domestic violence attack

A 60-year-old Stockton man remains in critical condition in an area hospital after he was shot several times early Sunday by a neighbor trying to intervene in a domestic violence attack.

Alcide Doucet, 60, shortly after 1:50 a.m. Sunday allegedly went to the Kelley Drive home of a 43-year-old woman and kicked in the door, according to a police report. Doucet allegedly hit the woman in the head with his fists and a handgun.

A 42-year-old neighbor heard screaming and other noise coming from the woman's house and went to help, according to the report. The neighbor, who police did not identify, apparently knew of the problems between the woman and Doucet, according to the report.

Once inside the woman's home, the neighbor saw Doucet holding the woman by her hair and raising his hand with the gun in it, according to the report. The neighbor told Doucet several times to stop. Doucet allegedly turned the gun on the neighbor and fired once, hitting the man.

The neighbor returned fire with his own gun, hitting Doucet several times in the upper body.

The woman and neighbor were treated for non-life threatening wounds and Doucet was taken to an area hospital and underwent surgery for his wounds.

Doucet likely will face at least felony domestic violence and assault with a deadly weapon once released from the hospital. The neighbor will not face charges since he was defending the woman, according to police.

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